Alti-2 – Altimaster II


The Altimaster II from Alti-2 is a classic analogue altimeter suitable for both sport and military use.
The Altimaster II has a number of features that make it one of the most reliable and most recognisable altimeters on the market.
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The Altimaster II was originally designed by Stephen L. Snyder over 50 years ago. The Altimaster dial face is internationally recognized.
Steve Snyder introduced the Altimaster concept of: 0-12,000′ which was founded on the belief that most people are accustomed to reading a clock face, and that a free fall takes about 60 seconds — one sweep of the second hand. The needle points at the numbers and does not cover them up.
The Altimaster II contains a durable mechanism made from temperature compensating metals for minimal friction and precision accuracy with an altitude range of 18,000 feet. Available with feet or metric face.
A unique version of the Altimaster II was created especially for President George H. W. Bush.
Available dial face options: feet or metres

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