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LOW PACK DEPENDABLE – Superior technology for structural superiority and the lower pack volume
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The ICARUS NANO NANO has revolutionized the low pack volume reserve. With the NANO you get the same low pack volume as its competitor with the added piece of mind that your NANO is made with a more dense low volume fabric that is more resistant to line friction and thereby a safer, more structurally superior last resort
Even with a more dense fabric, we maintain 30% lower pack volume than our conventional reserve. We have tested the NANO above and beyond the specifications required by the FAA’s TSO C23d. The NANO offers the same unparalleled opening, flight and landing characteristics as the ICARUS Reserve, now with a much lower pack volume. With high technology, low pack volume, and dependable durability, the NANO is the clear choice. We offer the NANO in sizes ranging from 99 to 253 square feet.”
Wing type: Rectangular
Cells: 7
Fabric: Low Porosity / Low pack
Nose: Fully open
Lines: Spectra
Trim: Regular
Ribs: Standard
Stabilizers: Standard

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