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ONE STEP FURTHER – The S-Fire, so much better…
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S Fire is the next iteration in canopy design. Geared towards the intermediate jumper, will set you up to take you further.
It is an elliptical 9 cell with light shaping, constant cell aspect ratio, with sweet consistent on-heading openings. A forgiving canopy with a powerful flare and responsive controls.
The S Fire introduces a number of innovative design features such as Parabolic Reinforcement Tapes (PRT), 2ⁿᵈ generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²), and Shape Correlation for Inlet Placement (SCIP) that makes it the most advanced design in the market.
Wing type: Elliptical
Cells: 9
Fabric: Full Zero Porosity
Nose: Open
Lines: Vectran / Spectra in option
Trim: Regular
Ribs: With partially parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes
Stabilizers: 2ⁿᵈ generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²)
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 0.75-1.9

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