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PERFECT WORKHORSE – The TX2 is clearly the reliable, durable and superior choice for your operations.
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We are proud to introduce our new tandem canopy – The TX2!
Dropzone owners and tandem instructors are agreeing that the TX2 is the best possible tool for any tandem operation. Years of testing and innovation have been assembled in this completely new TX2 design that will be the top choice for instructors, riggers, DZOs, packers and passengers alike.
Wing type: Elliptical
Cells: 9
Fabric: ZP
Nose: Open
Lines: Vectran
Trim: Regular / Steep
Ribs: With parabolic low distortion & crossports reinforcement tapes
Stabilizers: 2ⁿᵈ generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²)
Reduced Drogue Loading System: Standard
Brakes: Double command 6&2  (Single optional)

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