Intrudair – Barracuda Freestyle 2


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    *1. Neck (cm)

    Measure the neck circumference at the middle of the neck. Place the measuring tape tight around the neck without squeezing the skin.

    *2. Chest at armpit level (cm)

    Measure the circumference of the chest at armpit level. Place the measuring tape tight around the chest without squeezing the skin.

    *6. Waist (cm)

    Place the measuring tape at belly button level. Place the measuring tape tight around the body without squeezing the skin.

    *7. Hips (cm)

    Place the measuring tape at the widest part of the hips. Place the measuring tape tight around the body without squeezing the skin.

    *8. Thigh widest part (cm)

    Place the measuring tape at the widest part of the thigh (groin level). Place the measuring tape tight around the thigh without squeezing the skin.

    *15. Biceps relaxed (cm)

    Keep the upper arm relaxed and measure the circumference in the center of the bicep. Place the measuring tape tight around the biceps without squeezing the skin. 

    *17. Forearm (cm)

    Measure the largest part of the forearm. Place the measuring tape tight around the forearm without squeezing the skin.

    *18. Wrist (cm)

    Measure the largest part of the wrist.

    *20. Full arm (cm)

    Start with placing the measuring tape at the base of the neck and place it along shoulder and elbow till you reach the wrist bone.

    *29. Torso (cm)

    Start from the hollow spot at the base oft he neck and lead the measuring tape around the body tot he first bone of your backbone. It ́s the same bone you used for the UPPER BODY BACK measuring.

    *30. Shoe circumference

    Measure the circumference of the sole of your shoe.

    *31. Heigth (cm)

    Measure your Height.

    *32. Weigth (kg)

    Measure your Weight.

    *T. Half wing span (cm)

    Should be measured from the sterum to the end of wrist.

    *X. Handle span (cm)

    Measure the distance between the underside of your reserve handles.

    *Y. Handle depth (cm)

    Measure from the top of your shoulder to the bottom of your reserve handles.

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The new Barracuda Freestyle 2 is part of our new generation wingsuits. The surface didn’t change, but the arm and legwing ribs got more dense, also it got a new leading edge, and a modificated bootie – leg part, which makes the suit more stabile at fast maneuvers and while backflying. It doesn’t loose altitude while transitions and carving.

The armwings are made without grips, leaving the hands free for hand docking. We designed the armwings to make the deployment easy and safe.

Leading edge: The Barracuda freestyle 2 has the same new wave leading edge, what we use in our POWER series. We can send it with two type of performance foam. Either Soft and Power foam, which material was developed only for this purpose. It has 3 different layers, with a outer smooth coating- foam one in the middle- and a lower layer with net surface, which gives the important stability factor for the suit. Thanks to those improvements the leading edge’s aerodynamic, and shape are better, which means more performance even.

As extra option, you can get a high performance foam, the default is soft performance foam.

Airvents: We changed the air inlets to a more detailed one, which have the most improved performance in the recent wingsuit market.

We made the tailwing smoother, made the wing ribs more dense. Also the booties got redesigned, therefor the suit is more stabile and easier to control.

Backflying: It is quite easy to backfly, also it has enough lift for flocking. Thanks to the new wings and leading edge the accomplishment of the backyling just got improved, and all the transitions became more easy and even more smooth.

Flying with this suit is slightly different than with the ones which have grips: the pivot point is more on the waist level – so the acrobatic movements can be done rather with waist movements, unlike with the gripped suits.

Finally: the Barracuda Freestyle 2 is an ideal choice for intermediate entry level suits, who use the whole body or mainly waist movements to control the flight. It’s recommended for flocking, backflying, acro and fun. Comfortable glide ratio: 1:1-2:5

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