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    *1. Chest (cm)

    Chest circumference is the largest measurement taken on a person standing, breathingnormally, passing themeasuringtapehorizontallyatthe chest, belowthearmpits, armsdown.

    *2. Waist (cm)

    Waist circumference is the measurement taken at the waist (the narrowest point between chest and hips), while breathing normally, on a person standing with relaxed abdomen

    *3. Hips (cm)

    Hips circumference is taken horizontally at the widest point of the basin (buttocks).

    *4. Inseam (cm)

    Inner legs length (from crotch to the ground) is the distance measured along the leg between the lowest part of the bust and the sole on a person standing straight, with feet slightly apart.

    *5. Arm (cm)

    It's the distance from the outside oh the shoulder to the wrist, along a relaxed arm.

    *6. Thight (cm)
    *7. Height (cm)

    Measure height vertically between the top of the head and the sole, on the person standing straight, feet togethe

    *8. Weight (kg)
    *9. Shoe
    *Main color
    *Grips and details
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Diablo is a tight, solid, wrapping suit, but comfortable because of “extenders” strategically placed at the elbows, at the knees, and at the base of the back, stronger than elastic fabric, but able to stretch following the movements of the body while jumping, flying, or sitting in the aircraft.
Front is made of the newest «Hyper» fabric, with a specific pattern surface to deliver a superior aerodynamic, and it’s directly coupled with a liner on the inside.
Forearms have as little stretch fabric as possible, while the wrist is closed with a soft elastic binding.
Collar is made of double layered, seam-free soft Lycra, and the windproof zipper is closed at the neck with a rubberized tab with snap dot.
The new Blade Booster, shaped like a sharp blade, becomes solid in the air, reacting fast in turns, being very stable because of no flapping given by the PowerTex ballistic fabric. While it gives most of its power in turns, it helps in forward movements when correctly turned into the airflow.
Knees are covered by a double layer of foam: the outer foam is specifically designed to absorb shock, while the inner one is thicker and soft to provide comfort.
The Diablo needs to be taken seriously as it is not suitable for everyone. Very good experience is required to get the best from this suit, and some time is necessary to adapt personal flight skills to the new aerodynamics.


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