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    • 49.59 €
    *Standard size
    Custom size
    *1. Chest (cm)

    Chest circumference is the largest measurement taken on a person standing, breathingnormally, passing themeasuringtapehorizontallyatthe chest, belowthearmpits, armsdown.

    *2. Waist (cm)

    Waist circumference is the measurement taken at the waist (the narrowest point between chest and hips), while breathing normally, on a person standing with relaxed abdomen

    *3. Hips (cm)

    Hips circumference is taken horizontally at the widest point of the basin (buttocks).

    *4. Inseam (cm)

    Inner legs length (from crotch to the ground) is the distance measured along the leg between the lowest part of the bust and the sole on a person standing straight, with feet slightly apart.

    *5. Arm (cm)

    It's the distance from the outside oh the shoulder to the wrist, along a relaxed arm.

    *6. Thight (cm)
    *7. Height (cm)

    Measure height vertically between the top of the head and the sole, on the person standing straight, feet togethe

    *8. Weight (kg)
    *9. Shoe
    *Main color
    *Grips and details
    • 13.22 €
    • 71.075 €
    • 17.355 €
Use the configurator to color your jumpsuit and verify options pricing. Once configured, you will be able to save the order form with your choice of colors and options, insert it in your shopping cart, and proceed with the order.
Even a beginner/student suit needs important features, like comfort, durability, nice price. No matter if you’re a drop zone operator, or a beginner in skydiving, you need a reliable tool. The Prime jumpsuit shares the same high performance fabric of other Parasport suits, and delivers the experience of 30 years in manufacturing.
The simple design allows a cost reduction, but with no quality compromise. Quality and durability will be appreciated, especially in student operations.
Using the new Windflex fabric, made of the same Teflon coated thread used in Cordura textiles, it is well resistant to tear and wear, but still very comfortable. Cuffs are closed with comfortably tight Lycra, and collar is also made of stitches-free double layered Lycra. A reliable, rubber feel, snap-dot zipper stop will hold the zipper closed in any flight situation.
As the other Parasport suit, the Prime suit can be customized with school, drop zone, or sponsor logo, as well as with embroidered writings, like size, for easier identification.
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