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    *1. Chest (cm)

    Chest circumference is the largest measurement taken on a person standing, breathingnormally, passing themeasuringtapehorizontallyatthe chest, belowthearmpits, armsdown.

    *2. Waist (cm)

    Waist circumference is the measurement taken at the waist (the narrowest point between chest and hips), while breathing normally, on a person standing with relaxed abdomen

    *3. Hips (cm)

    Hips circumference is taken horizontally at the widest point of the basin (buttocks).

    *4. Inseam (cm)

    Inner legs length (from crotch to the ground) is the distance measured along the leg between the lowest part of the bust and the sole on a person standing straight, with feet slightly apart.

    *5. Arm (cm)

    It's the distance from the outside oh the shoulder to the wrist, along a relaxed arm.

    *6. Thight (cm)
    *7. Height (cm)

    Measure height vertically between the top of the head and the sole, on the person standing straight, feet togethe

    *8. Weight (kg)
    *9. Shoe
    *Main color
    *Main color
    *Grips and details
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    • 71.075 €
    • 17.355 €
Redesigning the Formation Skydiving suit that set the standard for years, the Synchro is now applying the same aerodynamic solutions of the Diablo, our top level competition suit, but with a more relaxed fit, allowing amateurs to enjoy the same concepts of the original Synchro, with the advanced improvements designed for the Diablo.
Compared to the original design, the Synchro has now less stretch fabric on the back, and it has been totally removed from the sides. Because of the cut and the materials used now, the suit is more solid than the original one, but is still very comfortable.
Choice of fabric allows to get a suit with a fall rate suitable for different body weights and shapes.
The Blade Booster has the same design of the one you find on the Diablo, and it is made of Cordura with reinforcements to make it very durable even in worst conditions.
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