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The most comfortable and most advanced Tandem systems. EVER.

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The best system for Instructor and Student

Through years of development and testing, the Sigma series of Tandem equipment is now the best and safest Tandem system we’ve ever produced.
The comfortable harness and head-high free-fall position are great for the Instructor, and our Student harness is the most sophisticated and comfortable money can buy.
Superior pin protection, retractable release handles, user-friendly component replacement and our Patented Disc Release system are just more ways that put us ahead of the competition.



Your brand new Sigma, or Micro Sigma, Tandem system comes loaded features, including: adjustable student harness, Magnetic Riser Covers, adjustable container harness, Double Wide Legpads, Retractable Release Handles, Spectra Reserve Ripcord, Reserve Pin Window, and our Skyhook RSL.
Disc Release System
Adjustable Harness
Spectra Reserve Ripcord
Retractable Handles
Reserve Pin Window

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