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“What Line Over” Toggles, aka “WLOs,” are releasable toggles designed for use in the slider-up environment. Releasable toggles are an important safety innovation in BASE and should be used on every slider-up jump.

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Apex BASE offers WLO toggles because we’ve seen them in action, and they work. On slider-off jumps most jumpers configure their control lines using the the Line Mod, meaning the jumper can simply drop a toggle in the event of a line-over. When slider-up though, dropping a toggle is no longer an option as the control line passes through the slider and riser guide rings. The WLO is a releasable toggle intended to help clear slider up line-overs. Releasable toggles are an important piece of safety equipment when jumping slider up, so make sure you’re using the right tool for the job!
WLO Toggles require a fixed toggle loop (finger trapped and bar tacked) on the lower control line. Fixed toggle loops are standard on all Apex parachutes, and on most other modern BASE parachutes.

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